VW Vege Supply, already in this business more than 20 years, based in Klang Valley, has quickly become a leading distributor of high-quality chives. Our mission is to deliver the freshest, most flavorful chives to our customer, embracing sustainable farming practices to ensure the highest quality and environmental stewardship. We cater to a diverse range of clients, from local restaurants to large culinary establishments, continually innovating to exceed expectations and maintain our commitment to excellence in the produce industry. 

VW Vege Supply 公司,在这一个行业超过20年了,位于巴生谷,已迅速成为高品质韭菜的领先分销商,以其新鲜的韭菜而闻名。我们的使命是将最新鲜的韭菜送达我们的顾客,采用可持续的农业实践确保最高质量和环境管理。我们服务于不同范围的客户,从当地餐馆到大型烹饪机构,不断创新以超越期望,并保持我们在农产品行业的卓越承诺。 

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